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Kent Motor Company, began in 1935, in the heart of Fort Worth.  Years before that, in 1917, the now late Frank Kent began his career in the automotive industry, gaining experience and respect through an honest work ethic and reliable service - creating a strong foundation for the business today. Mr. Kent worked hard and remained active in his role as owner and Chairman of the Board until his death in 1987.  

Staying true to our family-oriented business practices, Mr. Kent's granddaughter, Wendy Kent Churchill became owner and president of the company in 1995, after serving on the board for many years. Ms. Churchill spent 10 wonderful years in the driver's seat of Frank Kent Motor Company, before her passing away in May of 2005, leaving a strong legacy behind her.  Soon after, her children Will Churchill and Corrie Watson stepped into leadership roles within the company and currently oversee all the Frank Kent family of business operations. Their guiding motto remains that of Mr. Frank Kent, "Morals, values, and ethics over profit."

Throughout their many business ventures, they aim to maintain high standards of excellence in both sales and service; which have been recognized through numerous awards. 

Our employees, our customers, and our community are our most valuable assets.  It is our responsibility to provide a professional atmosphere founded on sound business ethics, honesty, integrity, and a focus on family. Value is our competitive edge and integrity guides our commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction and service. This philosophy has been the foundation of our business since 1935, and will be for another 80 years.

Frank Kent Genesis: Steeped in Luxury, Driven by Innovation

The Genesis lineup is graced by two elegantly and expertly crafted sedans: the G80 and G90. Both feature the kind of power, performance, and nimble handling that will take your driving experience to new heights. We invite you to explore the model that speaks to you and then contact us to schedule a test drive at your convenience.

Beyond working closely with you to determine which Genesis sedan is perfect for your driving needs, we are also committed to helping you understand which financing package allows you to drive your new G80 or G90 home on your terms, eschewing typical over-the-top sales cues in favor a sophisticated and streamlined purchasing experience.

If you're ready to see what our staff can do for your needs, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our dealership and the Genesis brand. Likewise, you can visit our showroom to learn how Genesis is redefining luxury automotive as a distinctly human pursuit.

Long after you've re-discovered your world through the Genesis lens, our onsite service center is at your disposal to ensure that your driving experience never diminishes. Our expertly trained team of Genesis service technicians cater to the routine maintenance and unique repair needs of your specific vehicle, with the aim of protecting the long-term health your investment and keeping your car running with all its performance potential well intact.

The world of luxury automotive is crowded with aging stars. While many drivers are content to embrace the antiquity of innovations past, there are drivers among us who want to stretch their imaginations further; those who yearn to not just reach into tomorrow, but to grab it by their hands and command every detail of tomorrow's driving experience. This is the conscious evolution that drivers embrace more and more each day with the understanding that luxury is not a concept held prisoner by the pages of a magazine, the pixels of a photograph, or the frames of a video, but rather one that benefits the overall quality of your life on the road. It's the guiding principle behind Frank Kent Genesis, and the core of each model in our lineup.


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